2018 Kantha Vibhag Hotel and Shopping Complex Project

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Welcome to the Kantha Vibhag Hotel and Shopping Complex Project in the Navsari District, Gujarat

There is a much needed requirement to build a hotel and mini-shopping complex on the Main Dandi Road to cater for tourists and local communities comprosing of 27 Villages/Gams in the Kantha Vibhag Area.
- Currently, NRI's visiting their relatives and other tourists visiting the area have no accomodation facilities or food services in the area.
- In addition, there is no petrol station or garage repair workshop or a supermarket in the area, people have to travel far distances for this purpose. Extensive use of solar lighting and solar heating will be used.
- The Hotel and Shopping Complex will provide employment opportunities and
- The facilities will attract more tourists and interest to the area.
The following structures are being planned to be built:

  1. Hotel with 12 rooms
  2. Petrol Station
  3. Garage to repair cars and scooters
  4. Technical Training Workshop
  5. Mini Supermarket
  6. Food, Fruit and Vegetable Stalls
  7. Conference Rooms
  8. Public Toilet and Water Fountain

Core Committee

Keshavbhai Patel
UK and Bodali
+44 208 902 7034
Babubhai C Patel
UK and Avdafalia
44 121 557 7186
Hasmukhbhai S Patel
AMSUK Chairman
UK and Dandi
+91 - 00000000513
Ramanbhai Patel
+91 - 0000000401
Amratbhai Patel
USA and Machhad
+91 - 900000008
Chotubhai Sukha Patel
Bodali and Canada
+91 416 740 1773
Bharat Vala Patel
USA, South Africa and Avdafalia
+91 - 513 478 8164
Dilipbhai Patel
New Zealand
+91 - 416 512 7170